The Stage

Pantomime stage lighting
  •  Over-stage suspended lighting gantry with four PC luminaires

  •  Two wall lighting brackets (L & R) with four fresnel luminaires – coloured gels available

  •  DMX system with a long cable allowing control of lighting from rear of Hall

  •  Multi channel Sound Mixing Desk

  • Mics available include:

  • Lapel (lavalier) mic

  • Headset mic

  • Dual lapel mics

  • 2x stage ambient mics

  • Shotgun mic

  • Handheld radio mic

  • 2x stand mounted performance mics

  • Additional wired mics

  • Mics are Sennheisers where applicable.

  •  Proscenium Curtains and back & side curtains with a concealed side entry door from the Green Room

  • The Green Room is a flexible space with access to the performers’ backstage closet/toilet, the Activity Room and to the outside.

  • Further AV details can be found on this page