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The modern design of the Hall lends itself to the imaginative use of its many rooms and outside patio to satisfy the requirements for that special event or meeting

The Main Hall

The Main Hall offers a large and incredibly versatile area with a tall ceiling serving the needs of those who wish to use it as an auditorium, a light an airy hall for receptions and meetings, or indeed for games or other recreational activities.  The stage is large, well equipped with lighting gantries and sound facilities and has a modern versatile digital Audio Visual system with a remotely operated screen.

The Terrace

From the Main Hall three sets of double doors with level access, can be opened wide onto the large, natural stone paved Terrace to bring the surrounding countryside, light and air into the building creating a wonderful versatile space.


Opposite the Terrace, double doors open to the Serving area adjoining the Kitchen, to allow free access for guests to enjoy buffet style lunches or refreshments though the hatch.  This room may also be used as an alternative wide and level entrance point to the Hall building.

Green room plan

Green Room

A backstage carpeted area can be transformed if needed, and used as a Green Room during talks, productions and performances.  It has its own private lavatory facilities for guest speakers or performers.

Activity Room

An Activity or Breakout Room adjoins the Dining Area and is ideal for smaller committee meetings. It may be hired separately or used in conjunction with other facilities, for example as a crêche.  During productions or performances an interior door provides access to the Serving area and to the Green room for performers and technicians.  For larger meetings the Hall offers the Jubilee Meeting Room.


Jubilee Meeting Room

In addition to the Activity Room you can choose the self contained Jubilee Meeting Room for larger gatherings or meetings.  Equipped with a Kitchenette and double door access to the extensive terrace and lawn, this room can be booked separately or with the Main Hall.


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A large, safe, grassed area to the rear adjoining the Terrace is fenced and gated and can be used for picnics or outdoor games.  There are views over the adjacent old water meadows and woods, close to the Cerne Giant and in the heart of the Cerne Valley.