Look at our Green Credentials

Solar panels VH 20

As part of our plans to become Carbon Neutral we installed a 20 kWp solar Photovoltaic  array of 66 modern Solar Panels on our south facing roof space, which is actually most of the roof area

These panels are estimated to save around 9 tonnes of CO2 each year and cost £18,800.  Low Carbon Dorset provided a grant to cover 40% of this cost


GroWatt 1

The Feed-in Tariff allowing us to feed into the National Grid that energy which is not currently required by the Hall has been withdrawn, but when the price of Battery Storage comes down, we plan to invest in wall mounted batteries so we can make the hall self-sufficient in its energy use. This will involve storing any excess energy generated in peak times and using it when our panels are not generating as much in the evenings

Double glazing Walls

All exterior glass doors and windows are double glazed.  The building has modern standards of roof insulation and all the exterior walls are insulated to latest standards

ceiling lights

In a major Low Carbon Dorset part funded project, all the internal lighting has been converted to efficient, variable brightness and long lasting LED luminaires. These 68 fittings and the solar panels together is calculated to save 20 tonnes of CO2 each year per year and reduces the energy consumed by 90%.  The main Hall has fully adjustable mood lighting which further reduces the carbon footprint

Long wavelength IR, ceiling-fitted, radiant heating panels are fitted throughout the building.  These panels are completely safe, and user controllable